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                 Is Your House Haunted?
We've compiled a checklist of six easy steps to tell if your house may be haunted.

1. Strange Feelings.

Does your house feel depressed or the atmosphere feels thick and heavy? Do you feel like your not alone or being watched? Does the temperature change rapidly with noticable hot or cold spots?
2. Weird Sounds.
Do you hear unexplained walking/footstep sounds? Raps or knocks on the walls or doors? Do you hear cupboard doors opening and closing or music playing, maybe you hear cries or whispers?
3. Unusual Smells.
can you smell odours like perfume or flowers? Maybe you get the waft of burning cigar or cigarette smoke?
4. Strange behaviour by pets.
Dogs and cats have been known to see or sense when a spirit is present. Does your pet seem to be growling at or staring into thin air? Maybe wagging its tail or chasing something that isn't there.
5. Strange Physical Activity.
Sometimes objects may fall over or move around the house. Electrical appliances and lights may go on and off on their own. Do items disappear and reappear again unexplainably? Do you feel like your physically been touched? Maybe your furniture and other objects may shake like in an earthquake.
6. Ghostly Images.
Maybe you can actually see the ghost, luminous, misty balls or figures that seem to float through the air. Some people see lights and parts of ghosts like arms or legs.
If you are experiencing any of these phenomena you may have a ghost in your house either that or your going in sane. Which ever one of these it may be there are three steps you should take,
1. Rule out any rational explainations for the goings on.
2. Keep a journal of your experiences.
3. Call in the experts. Either a clairvoyant, a priest or a psychiatrist. (Or the Lunaorbis team if you really want to lose your marbles)
Good Luck!