Mystical Magical & Paranormal

When the Lunaorbis Team go to a paranormal investigation we take with us some essential equipment in which to prove or disprove the existance of spiritual activity at that location. Our equipment consists of:

HR IR Cameras: 16 x Infra-red night vision cameras capable of recording upto 20-30 metres in the pitch black. Essential for seeing anomalies, orbs and recording EVPs.

Digital Recorders: 2 x Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) digital recorders, one of which is a H2 Zoom surround sound noise activated recorder capable of capturing sounds/voices from all angles not heard in real time.

EMF Meter: Measures electro-magnetic fields. Used for eliminating power cables and other non paranormal sources. We do not use an EMF meter to detect spirits as this is an unproven tool for this purpose.

IR Temperature Sensors: Digital Infra-Red temperature sensors for detecting fluctuations in air temperature or even objects and surfaces upto 8 metres away.

Static Lasers: Producing laser beams for upto 10 metres these can be used to detect movement within a room.

Grid Laser: A powerful laser that produces a grid of laser dots across a whole room, any object entering the grid is immediately detected and seen on camera.

Beam Barriers: IR sensor often placed across thresholds. Any movement breaking the beam sets off an audible alarm.

17 Inch Laptop: 2 x Dual hard drive widescreen laptop with analytical software.

External hard drives: 3 x to allow for huge storage of data.

External monitor: 1 x 15 inch, 2 x 19 inch flatscreen monitor linked to cameras and hard drives.

Mixing Desk: 1 x linked to static microphones (4 x) and hard drives.

Two Way Radios: 6 x All terrain radios with range of upto 5 miles, voice activated hands free.

Other Equipment: 4 x Digital Compact and Digital SLR cameras, 4 x LED Torches, Trigger Objects, Ouija Board.