Mystical Magical & Paranormal

We are a small group of people from spiritual, technical & scientific backgrounds who investigate potentially haunted locations to prove or disprove the existence of life after death & to explain the unexplained. Some of the locations we visit are well known and re-nowned for their paranormal phenomena others are private residences we are called into which are experiencing unexplained activity. On the more famous locations we open our investigations up to the public so they can be a part of the team for the night and experience what its like to be an investigator.

On a typical investigation we aim to educate the public in the ethereal and scientific misconceptions of the spirit world or the world beyond our physical plane. This is done through using a range of scientific evidence gathering equipment and through the contacting of spirits using a range of mediumship techniques. We also provide assistance to those dis-embodied spirits who have unfinished business on our plane of reality and consequently need help to move on. Adding to this task we can also help to dissipate any negative energy thought forms which may have accumulated over time in a building or area, if requested.

We have full paranormal practitioner liability insurance and a wide range of modern equipment and old techniques in which to carry out our investigations. We will not publish any findings from a location if so requested but alternatively with permission we will carry out a live internet broadcast through our TV channel right here on our website. This enables many extra pairs of eyes to spot activity on the night and allows the viewers to be transported to the location and feel part of the team. All our investigations are carried out in a professional manner, with the upmost respect given to the owners, the property and of course the spirits residing within.