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Welcome to our shop set up in 2010 in Tintagel, the Mystical/Magickal capital of Cornwall. Tintagel is steeped in tales of Arthurian knights, round tables and dragons and is abundant in mystical energy. Lying on a bed of quartz crystal and several powerful ley lines it is the perfect place to rejuvenate your spiritual side. Our shop is within walking distance of Tintagel castle, Arthurs Great Halls, St Nectans Glen & Waterfall and of course the wild untamed element of mother nature yes the Atlantic coastline.

Our small but highly energised and friendly shop is packed with all kinds of magical and mystical gifts to tantelise even the most stressed out and non spiritual of those amongst you. To start with we have an extensive range of crystals for all your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, anything from tumblestones, to rough cut clusters, wands, crystal balls, points, pendulums and of course jewellery. Why not have a chat to our qualified crystal healer for some advice. Clare gained her Diploma in Crystal Healing (Grade A) and Advanced past Life Therapy (Grade A) from The School of Natural Health Sciences in London. She is also qualified in a range of reiki healing techniques, thermal auricular therapy, face massage and Hypnotherapy. She is available for healing sessions and consultations in our specially designed healing room. Also available is Laurence our clairvoyant who is specialised in Nordic runes and is available for runic card readings to help you understand what is going on in your life at the moment. Join him in our specialy designed reading room for a consultation, contact us for more details.

Whilst your in the shop why not have your aura (energy field) photographed using our sophisticated biometric system, followed by a personalised 16 page aura analysis booklet. Learn all about your colours and your chakras, what they mean and how to make them work for you. Have a chat to our aura specialist and medium Laurence about whats going on in your life at the moment. You may be quite surprised! We are also available for 'Aura Partys' where we come to your home and you and your friends can have an evening of clairvoyancy and aura photography. Contact us for more details & prices.

Also in our shop you will find our range of aromatherapy products including locally (hand made) incense ranging from chakra cleanser, individual chakras, meditation, protection, to spell weaver, past lives, and house blessing as well as the usual scents and smells. We also have a nice range of essential oils, magical anointing oils, magical perfumes and candles.

Back to the Witchcraft side of things we have plenty of spell kits, charm pouches, handfasting gifts, spirit stones, wands and pentacles all made by local witches and based on traditional cornish witchcraft. If in doubt have a chat to our resident Witch who can advise you on nearly everything magical.

For those of you who are looking for a gift with a difference we have a full range of local made wooden clocks and mirrors aswell as hand thrown cornish pottery including mugs and candlesticks. For that special gift for the mystical one in your life we have some very nice of dragons, skulls picture and of course chillout cds. Gift vouchers are also available for purchase for all therapies and aura photos.

We also take on students for healing/psychic development courses and attunements, distance and hands on from our shop. If anyone is interested in becoming a student of ours or you would like a distance reading or healing over the phone please drop us an email or give us a ring for further details or to discuss your requirements.

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