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Crystal Reiki

How crystals can work with us.

Crystals have long been used for their healing and magical properties and most recently for their technological attributes (watches,computers and radios). Why use crystals at all, how do they help us I hear you ask. Well all crystals work throught the transmission of energy and the adjustment of vibrations. Members of the quartz family for example have an electrical charge within their crystal structure and many other crystals and minerals also display this property. We are not talking about an enormous charge that will give you a shock if you pick up a crystal! But rather, a very, very small charge that is nonetheless measurable with the correct instruments.

Now, within each of our own bodies we all have millions, if not billions, of cells each with it's own tiny electrical charge within it. If something is wrong with a particular part of our body, could it be that something has disturbed the electrical balance of our cells in the affected area?

It is not unreasonable to assume that the microscopic electrical charge from a crystal, when held or placed against the affected part of the body, could perhaps "balance" the body's own charge and help to give our body a chance to heal itself.

The body's own Electro-magnetic field could perhaps be "balanced" to the extent that beneficial changes may bring about an improvement in health, be that physical, mental/emotional or spiritual.

Over 3,000 years ago people living in present day Tibet and India, "discovered", if that is the right word, or at least came to an understanding of, the energy points on the body that today we call Chakra points and each of these vibrates at a different colour.

Crown - Violet

Third Eye - Indigo

Throat - Blue

Heart - Green or Pink

Solar Plexus - Yellow

Sacral - Orange

Base or Root - Red

The colour of individual crystals resonates with the colour of each Chakra point and can bring that point into balance or remove any blockages present there.

For example, the yellow of Citrine is good for Stomach problems or food disorders. The Green of Malachite or Green Aventurine is good for soothing the emotions. The Blue of Lapis Lazuli makes it an ideal meditation stone with which to contact ones spiritual side.

Crystals can help you along your life's path and bring to you their "Universal Power" or "Universal Energy". They can undoubtedly awaken your spiritual side.

If you already meditate, try meditating with a Crystal in your hands. If you don't already meditate, try it!

People often say to us, "Oh, but I haven't got the time to meditate!". These people of course, are exactly the people who need to meditate, permanently rushing about their daily life.

There seems to be little doubt that meditating upon, or simply "thinking" upon a stone, that losing yourself in its interior, that allowing yourself to receive messages from it, really does calm you down and can help with mental and emotional problems - if only providing time for you to think about things!

Don't forget the spiritual side of Crystals. They have patterns and pictures on their surfaces that can transport you to another world, colours and vibrations that can evoke the spirits or calm the spirits.

Each and every crystal has a unique vibration that can interact with the human energy field to heal, calm, stimulate, direct and adjust our energies, thus allowing us to lead a healthy and spiritually rich life.

Crystal Reiki  £20 for about 40 Mins